Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nature addiction

photos by Laura David

One of my favorite outfits and shoot since a while! I've been lacking inspiration i'll admit, the weather wasn't very motivation either.. but it's getting warmer now so i'll be posting more often (I promise)! 
I adore this Zara pencil skirt but it does have a small downfall.. I can't really walk with it.. Yes a big downfall. So if you ever see me wearing it, do not wonder why I walk like an alien doing mini mini steps, absolutely ridiculous I know.. but it's so pretty right?

Skirt ZARA - Top ZARA - Shoes SAN MARINA - Hat H&M - Necklace H&M

Monday, March 10, 2014

Denim Love

photos by Laura David

Denim Love indeed. Love my vintage Levis jacket that I found in a charity shop a while back. It's the kind of jacket you can wear with anything and bam you just enhance any outfit! 
This look is kind of a last minute look, the kind of outfit you put together in two seconds because you simply can't be really bothered so this is what that looks like hope you folks like and approve (even with my messy hair). 
I feel like March is going to be quite a month! The weather is lovely here in France so more pictures for sure on the blog! 
Have a great week everyone! 

Jacket LEVIS - Skirt ZARA - Shirt OASIS - Boots BOCAGE - Necklace AGATHA