Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wood Mania

Wearing Zara Skirt, H&M 
T-Shirt, BAGATT Shoes, H&M Earrings

We found this stunning wooden building the other day and I instantly fell in love! So I went back to take some pictures since we had the chance to see the sun here in France... I honestly forgot what it felt like! 
So I bought this skirt ages ago and I think it's only the second time I wear it! Its leather like and very comfortable, I just could not resist when I saw that gorgeous light blue color. 

I will confess, I haven't gone shopping in quite a while.. so last week I simply had to! I bought a couple of t-shirts and a pair of H&M earrings. 
Anyways I'm going to stop boring you, I just hope you enjoy this outfit! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grey Look

Wearing Zara Shoes, Schott Leather Jacket, Bocage Shoes, Vintage Bag, Charles & Keith Belt

Hey everyone, today I was at my grandmother's house. A real country house style in the middle of the countryside in France. Quite different from my city life but time to time it is kind of nice to just disconnect from the noise and the crowd and simply enjoy nature. 

Spring arrived but unfortunately the good weather did not follow! It's still freezing in France and I am seriously starting to miss the sun! So today I am wearing a Zara dress I bought last year, very comfy and quite warm! And I present to you my new shoes (always new shoes!), I love their cowboy style!
So now I had enough of tights and sweaters, I am ready to welcome summer dresses and open heels! Can't wait!
Wish you all a great week!