Monday, July 7, 2014


 photos by Marianne Koshoni & Michael Michel Koulountis

Indeed as the title gently states, here's a little recap' of last summer's post (my favorite pics of course ) from my two extremely missed photographers, Marianne Koshoni and Michael Michel Koulountis.
A slightly nostamgic post since the same time last year I was on the beach in Cyprus with 40 degrees, with a refreshing mojito in my hand, complaining about the unbearable heat.

Today, I am in France and I nearly forgotten the meaning of the word 'summer'. 'Summer' you say? Is that a like a season in a Disney Cartoon? Sad I know.. 
Oh well.. the only comfort I have left is that in a few weeks I will be back under that burning sun I sure love and I sure will complain again! Can't wait!

For those who are already on holidays.. well I'm too jealous to say anything nice! 
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nature addiction

photos by Laura David

One of my favorite outfits and shoot since a while! I've been lacking inspiration i'll admit, the weather wasn't very motivation either.. but it's getting warmer now so i'll be posting more often (I promise)! 
I adore this Zara pencil skirt but it does have a small downfall.. I can't really walk with it.. Yes a big downfall. So if you ever see me wearing it, do not wonder why I walk like an alien doing mini mini steps, absolutely ridiculous I know.. but it's so pretty right?

Skirt ZARA - Top ZARA - Shoes SAN MARINA - Hat H&M - Necklace H&M